Illinois Governor’s Office (CoS)

Chief of Staff

Responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Governor’s office, the oversight of all agencies of State Government, which includes over 50,000 employees and an operating budget of more than $50 billion, and the management of the State’s capital budget spending. Lead the implementation of the Governor’s top priorities. Managed negotiations for major State issues regarding labor, legal, budget and personnel. Lead the Governor’s crisis management team. Oversaw the hiring and vetting of the Governor’s 25 Cabinet members and the appointments of Boards and Commissions.

Major Operations Management Accomplishments:

  • Cut the State’s discretionary operating budget by more than a billion dollars to levels spent in 2008 and reduced headcount by over 2,000 employees.
  • Led the closures of 54 State facilities resulting in more than $100 million annually in savings to the State
  • Oversee the negotiations of the new collective bargaining agreement for the State of Illinois for more than 45,000 employees saving more than $600 million.

Major Policy and Legislative Accomplishments:

  • Lead strategist in passing Medicaid reform and reducing its liability by more than $2.4 billion and retiree healthcare reform to save the State more than $300 million per year in Spring 2012.
  • Directed the Governor’s Re-balancing initiative, a major policy change to close State facilities and move persons with developmental disabilities out of State operated institutions into community living arrangements.
  • Worked to pass landmark legislation to reform the Illinois workers compensation system, abolish the death penalty, legalize civil unions, and create new jobs through various new business tax incentives.

Major Economic Development Accomplishments:

  • Managed the Governor’s economic recovery plan through business investment packages to major companies, such as Motorola Mobility and Sears, and through the development of new programs and investments including a $1 billion clean water initiative, the launch of 1871 and a $78 million small business financing and investment fund.
  • Oversaw successful McCormick Place labor negotiations to protect the 66,000 jobs and $8 billion in convention and tourism spending and preserve Chicago’s status as the country’s premier convention destination.
  • Worked with the Illinois Toll Highway Authority to develop its $12 billion modernization strategy.